NCGW Profile

NCGW Profile

The National Council of Greek Women (NCGW), a non-governmental organization (NGO), is a member of the International Council of Women (ICW-CIF) and a founding member of the European Center of the International Council of Women (ECICW-CECIF); it is also a member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL-LEF) and of the Association Feminine de l’ Europe Meridionale (AFEM). Founded in 1908 as the first federation of women’s organizations, the NCGW now consists of 45 women’s organizations in Greece and Cyprus. It also has individual members.

Main Objectives

  • The promotion of the interests and status of women in all sectors of life: family, society, community, and state.
  • The protection of human rights in general and of the rights of women and children in particular.
  • The promotion of peace and cooperation among nations.
  • The healthy upbringing of youth.

Financial Resources

  • Membership dues.
  • Donations (tax exempt).
  • Grants for specific projects.

Current Profile of the NCGW
45 member organizations representing approximately 60,000 women. 16-member Executive Committee whose members are elected by the General Assembly of the member organizations. The Council intends to stay informed and to follow closely all development in national legislation and in society that are of concern to women. It conveys to the state authorities and to the public the views of women and cooperates with member organizations and other important national and international women’s NGOs for the attainment of women’s rights.