The National Council of Greek Women (NCGW), a non-governmental organization (NGO), is a member of the International Council of Women (ICW-CIF) and a founding member of the European Center of the International Council of Women (ECICW-CECIF); it is also a member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL-LEF) and of the Association Feminine de l’ Europe Meridionale(AFEM). Founded in 1908 as the first federation of women’s organizations, the NCGW now consists of 47 women’s organizations in Greece and Cyprus. It also has individual members.
17-3-2015 A very interesting report on the role of men in gender equality in Europe was sent to us by Laoura Alipranti, researcher, collaborator in EIGE
20/10/2014 We would like to draw your attention to the very impressive launching of the UN Women campaign HeForShe, by UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. We feel that Ms Watson, a 24 year old British actress, made a truly inspired speech (September 20,2014) touching at points of the feminist movement that we seldom dare to touch: the unpopularity and the misconception of the term “feminism”, the need of men and boys to be freed from their imprisonment to gender stereotypes, the acknowledgment of the privilege some of us European women had to be raised in gender equality philosophy by inadvertent feminists –our fathers, our teachers-, the sad fact that few things in women’s rights have changed since Beijing.
We were impressed by Emma Watson’s positive approach and we decided to encourage our friends men and women to step forward and join the HeForShe movement. We have translated her speech and we circulated it to our members encouraging them to circulate the call to their men friends and ask them to sign since gender equality is their issue too.May we comment that there were only 183.383 signatures yesterday and only 183,821 today. We feel it is worth getting mobilized.