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A Bulletin is sent to all members (organizations and individuals) and other major organizations every 4-6 months.

Four books, in Greek, have recently been published by NCGW. They have a wide distribution; the last three are distributed free and can be found on the NCGW site :

* IS MUSIC NOT OF FEMALE GENDER? Effi Agrafioti, Athens, 2004

* NEW FORMS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN AND WOMEN IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY, Athens 2008. The book, in 143 pages, comprises selected papers, by the authors having taken part in the Seminar with the same title, held at the ECICW G.A., May 2006. It includes contributions by Laura Finne –Elonen and by Anna Maria Castelfranchi-Galeani. It also comprises, relevant ECICW and ICW resolutions, summaries of work done in 2 workshops of the ECICW, and “leaflets” sent by the NCGW to all members, with simple techniques and practical recommendations on how to promote the issue of a non violent society. Distributed free of charge.

* NATIONAL COUNCIL OF GREEK WOMEN -100 HUNDRED YEARS, Athens, 2009. The book, comprises two parts; one part with articles and pictures on the history and activities of NCGW through the 100 years and one part on “Women in Greece, Past-Present – Future” with 11 articles contributed by women authors top in their field covering all dimensions of family, professional, social, political life of women in Greece. Extensive reference to migration.

* Proceedings of the Open General Assembly, October 2008” Athens2009, main theme discussed “Towards a multinational society”

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small-Epetios 100 Years National Council of Greek Women
Editors: Helen Argyriadou, Helen Valassi-Adam, Effie Calligas, Meni Pavella, Maria Pyrgaki, Vaso-Stavrianopoulos Ganatsos, Foteini Nicolaidou Stergiopoulou
small-Ektakto National Council of Greek Women 1908-2008
Proceedings of the Open General Assembly & other anniversary events
It. It. Calligas, It. Valasské-Adam
small-Bia New Forms of violence against children & women in modern society
Selected texts
It. B. Stavrianopoulos-Ganatsos, It. Valasské-Adam
small-Moysiki Is music not of female gender?

Effie Agrafioti
small-Karpathos Jill Bonnet
Sketches and impressions of Jill Bonnet

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